Let me start by saying Social Media Strategies Summit was a bit like Woodstock in my book. It was a great gathering of like-minded social media rock stars. What made the conference special was that everyone there was already entrenched in pretty advanced social maneuvers, but the sharing atmosphere allowed everyone to leave with new tactical zingers they learned from other attendees.

For me a few take-aways that were impactful were:

  • It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of employee advocacy of socially shared content. Content that comes from individuals gets 5 times the engagement of content from corporate channels on average.
  • Time spent to coach employees, especially in sales, in optimizing their profiles and use of various social channels is well-spent.
  • Profile optimization is 90% fitting in/10% standing out.
  • Managing the number of tools it takes to do social right is a challenge for us all (or at least the majority unwilling/unable to pay for the pricey blue chip tools).
  • Try Periscope—it won’t bite.
  • Find ways to beat your “content competition.”
  • Be smart: target other people’s Twitter users with Twitter ads.
  • Finding the magic hashtag that connects you with your audience is pure gold.
  • Every social media professional is asked to make content to go viral on a regular basis (but try to stifle their groans when this happens).
  • Convince SMEs to blog by pitching the career benefits for the WIIFM one-two punch.
  • Marketing is not just done by one department.
  • Newsjack, but proceed with caution.
  • Make “digital onboarding” part of the new-hire process to ingrain social as part of the corporate culture.

Credit for this brilliance goes to: Jeff Gibbard of True Voice Media, Julio Viskovich of RFACTR, Mike Brown of Brainzooming Group, Greg Miller of CareerBuilder, Mickey Mantas of LinkedIn, Bernie Borges of Find and Convert, Michi Gupta of University of Chicago, Elly Deutch of Mc Donald’s, Cassandra Clark of Facebook, Nick Weber of Monsanto, Stacey Jaffe of Teach for America, Miri Rodriguez of Microsoft, Breanna Jacobs of Global Strategic Management Institute for organizing Woodstock and the numerous other attendees I met and had the chance to hang out with.

To all my new friends from the summit, it was great to meet you and I look forward to staying in touch. Keep your great content coming!